TC Machine Male Row Destroyer

   Attached to your high-clearance sprayer or detasseler, this hydraulically-powered machine completely destroys the male corn row.

‚Äč   Not satisfied with merely knocking down or crushing the row, which often results in goosenecking of the male plant, this destroyer

   will satisfy even the most picky agronomist. 

   Advantages of hydraulically-destroyed male rows:

  • No soil disturbance of your herbicide
  • All of the male row debris is spread on top of the row, creating a mulch cover to prevent weeds
  • The units are light-weight, compared to the rolling cutters.
  • Male rows can be destroyed in ANY field conditions.

  We currently have our destroyers on these machines: 

  • Oxbo
  • Hagie STS12 X Drive Sprayer
  • Hagie 204
  • Hagie 204SP
  • Nitro
  • Walker
  • John Deere 4830 sprayer

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         See it in action!  Click on this video